Funktionales Stimmtraining in Knittlingen

Ich beschäftige mich seit 2001 sowohl als Sängerin als auch als Gesangslehrerin intensiv mit der Methode des Funktionalen Stimmtrainings und begrüße Sie bei mir in Knittlingen gerne zur gemeinsamen Arbeit und Entdeckungsreise zu Ihnen und Ihrer Stimme.

What is functional voice training or the Rabine Method?

The Rabine Method is structured upon 5 inter-related subdivisions

  1. a theory about vocal function based upon the double valve system,
  2. a theory about learning, especially sensomotoric learning in singing and psychological aspects of teaching and learning,
  3. a method based upon, and developed out of the two theories,
  4. a pedagogic that integrates the method with the personality and experience of the teacher,
  5. and the application of the method in vocal training and vocal therapy.

The theory over the vocal function is a fundamental work which presents the momentary scientific knowledge of the anatomical, physiological,neurological, psychological, acoustical, and the biological relationships of the human instrument, producing voice. This also means, that the theory is not a complete or perfect theory, but rather a „state of the art“ process of knowledge that now and in the future will be constantly improved upon and expanded by many people. The method is also the application of knowledge gained from the teaching and learning process. Its fundamental structure lies not only in the scientific information, for example sports medicine, sensomotoric training, brain research, and psychology of learning etc. but also in the subjective richness of the voice teachers traditions for example, kinesthetic and aural perception, sensibility, intuition and experience. The method unifies the scientific facts with the individual intuition. Not only is it used to train professional singers but found also entry into speech therapy, music therapy, phoniatrics and psychotherapy.

Who developed it?

Functional voice training was developed based on the work of many gifted people who loved the human voice and its unique potential of expression. Starting with the old Italian Belcanto voice teachers and singers, including people oft he medical profession doing brain and voice research and many more.

The most important one of them, the one that gave the method its name is Eugene Rabine, an American bass and singing teacher. He, in over 40 years, developed the functional voice training or Rabine Method in a constant dialogue with science and his own amazing perception and intuition. He taught wonderful singers all over the world and is, since his death in November 2018, sorely missed.

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