It’s a great gift for me to experience myself as an instrument whose sound becomes more and more resonant and expressive as the lessons progress. Juliane leads me ever so skillfully to places within me that I never even knew the existence of. She sensitively and joyfully explors my voice with me and I am deeply touched and surprised by how much sound and potential of expression are slumbering inside of me and are ready to manifest.

Even though I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and, being as physiotherapist, have detailed knowledge of the human body – I find this voice training ever challenging my habits and ideas. It asks me for openess and dedication. The reward comes in form of happiness so intense, of a sensation during singing that is so new in its effortlessness that it intoxicates me and leaves me wanting to do it again and again. Juliane’s laughter and joy are infectious as are her patience and calm. Thank you, dear Juliane, for giving my voice both roots and wings to fly.

Katharina Breitenöder, physiotherapist

Voicetraining with Juliane has had a very therapeutic effect on me. Her professional competence in combination with long years of teaching experience allow her to respond precisely to what I need and where I am at in each lesson. I love her finely tuned intuition and clarity and leave lessons with a feeling of great joy and gratitude.The functional voice training is an amazing tool that can improve the speaking and singing voice considerably in a short time. It leads me to stand in awe of the human body and our innate capacities, of myself. It lets me discover the beauty of my own voice.

Stefanie Petter, mother of three

With an abundance of calm and sensitivity as well as remarkable expertise Juliane leads me to my true voice. In her lessons for the first time I feel I develop a profound and healthy technical base for my singing and speaking. The quality of my sound has improved enormously, my voice sounds free and voluminous now. Thanks to Juliane’s exercises and guidance my perception of my voice and my insights into fuctional relations between my body and my voice have reached a new level. Now I experience my whole body as an instrument, I fully and wamly recommend her as a teacher.

Saskia Saegler, classical singer and teacher

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