The Rabine Method

what happens in a singing lesson?

Guided by the teacher the singer first of all perceives his own present state. How are posture, breathing, which parts feel active or passive in the body?

Aided by physical and vocal exercises the teacher guides the singer towards a finer perception of the influences of posture, movement and breath in relation to the voice.

The exercises allow the singer to experience new movements and a whole range of new vocal possibilities. He or she develops a deeper and more finely tuned awareness of his or her body and the voice as a part of it. The release of habitual patterns in body and mind is almost always felt to be a very liberating and exhilarating experience and creates a strong motivation in the singer to continue the work.

At the end of the lesson the teacher explains to the singer what happened in his body during the exercises based on how advanced the singer is in the Method so that over time the singer develops a precise inner picture and acute perception of the workings of his invisible instrument and how it is served by the body.

Summarized ...

  • The singer is becoming more and more independent of the teacher as he advances in the method. His or her voice unfolds with unimagined resonance, it gains a great degree of flexibility and freedom as well as possibility of expression. Regulation of pitch and dynamics cease to be problems , the vocal range increases. All of which strengthen the singers confidence and help his personal development.
  • The teacher does not impart his own aesthetics concerning vocal sound on the singer but solely leads him or her towards the optimal function of his or her own voice – beyond all styles or trends. An optimal function is always beautiful.
  • This work will also fulfil people who just want to explore and improve their vocal possibilities. Not only will they discover a new and positive feeling for their body and voice with an added finer awareness of themselves but also hitherto unforeseen manifestation of sound, of resonance and a whole range of new possibilities of expressing themselves through their own unique instrument.
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